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500 x 750 pixels
1 page

You can share anything on Tumblr: text, images, links, audio, video, even quotes and chats. It is a social network totally designed to connect its users through shared content. As you scroll through your dashboard, though, you might notice the dominance of a particular type of post: photos.

If you have a great link to share, we don't recommend using the default link format, no. By designing a great photo to represent your content, your link will have more impact and reach than text alone. And our Tumblr Image Post template makes it incredibly simple to create one, right in your browser. Customize this 500 by 750 pixel template with your favorite images of cats, pizza and rainbows. Overlay text in multi-colored fonts and turn it into a meme. Or, you know, just keep it simple. Given that Tumblr is a platform dedicated to self-expression, it's really up to you.