Completely Free

Many students, entry-level designers, and freelancers think they need InDesign to create quality works of art. Lucidpress is a flexible, affordable alternative. Save money and time by trying us first.

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Grow your brand

Enforce brand standards without obstructing creativity or customization needs with lockable templates.

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Online collaboration

Real-time teamwork is made possible with the cloud. To solicit feedback from clients, co-workers, or friends, publish a secure web link or invite them to join you in the document. Share centralized and custom-made templates and assets across your team.

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Share anywhere

Distribution is sometimes the biggest obstacle in design. You’ve made something truly great, but now how do you get it to people? Lucidpress has your back when it comes to sharing your masterpiece, whether it’s in print, on social media, or on a personalized webpage.

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Feature highlights

You don’t have to be a brilliant designer to craft beautiful content. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of five, our brand templating platform makes it easy to create content and build your brand in the new design democracy.

Brand assets

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.

No downloads

Lucidpress comes with many advantages over desktop software like InDesign. One huge plus is that you’ll never have to install or update anything. Lucidpress makes its home in your browser and takes care of all the technicalities for you.

Data automation

Smart Fields auto-populate information in your templates, so you don't have to chase down information.

Fully integrated

Sometimes, that image you have in Dropbox or on Facebook is exactly what your document needs. Or maybe you’d like to make a creative digital document with scrolling text and an embedded Youtube video. You can do that and more with Lucidpress.

Create all of your on-brand collateral in Lucidpress