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Lucidpress Master the Basics — Part 2

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

11:00 AM MST / 1:00 PM EST


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A very special holiday edition

Working with any new software can be daunting at first, even when it’s designed to make your life so much easier! Our Lucidpress “Master the Basics” series is designed to make your entry into the platform as smooth as possible. We’ll walk you through every step — from logging in, to creating your first template, all the way through to downloading your final draft.

In Master the Basics Part 2, Carly and Bre will walk you through how to create templates within Lucidpress, using our holiday templates. Not only will you learn how to create templates efficiently and effectively within our platform, but you’ll also get a great holiday card to send to friends and family this year!

Carly Kneidinger

Implementation Manager, Lucidpress

Carly Kneidinger is the Implementation Manager at Lucidpress, and a shamelessly proud East-Coaster. She was born in New York and raised in Virginia. After graduating with a Marketing & Business degree, she headed to Utah to pursue a career in tech. Carly started her implementation career at a financial tech start-up and then joined Lucidpress after falling in love with using the product in her day to day life.

If you love big dogs, international travel, and good coffee, you’ll certainly speak the same language as Carly.

Bre Yamauchi

Customer Success Manager, Lucidpress

Bre is an Idaho native and Lucidpress pioneer. As Lucidpress' organization’s longest-standing Customer Success Manager, she works with large real estate and financial organizations to help scale marketing teams and build reliable solutions. Bre earned three degrees from Utah State University in Marketing, Business Administration, and Japanese. She was named Utah State’s valedictorian, which landed her huge public speaking opportunities in various locations with audiences over 10,000.

She’s always down for a game of basketball or weekend camping trip!