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Lucidpress Master the Basics — Part 3

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

10:00 AM MST / 12:00 PM EST


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Level up with new features in Lucidpress

It’s the little things in life that get us going these days. You know, like, binge-watching Jeopardy on Friday evening (RIP Alex), observing the Roomba do its thing around the house (and realizing there’s no actual method to its madness), or getting irrationally amped about new features in Lucidpress (the possibilities are endless!)….or maybe that’s just us. All the same, we are in fact quite excited about Lucidpress’s new features, but how are you supposed best use them?

We got you covered.

In this Lunch and Learn, we’ll tackle how to leverage new features and level up your Lucidpress strategies.

Patrick Collier

Customer Success Manager, Lucidpress

Patrick Collier is a Customer Success Manager with Lucidpress focusing on nonprofit, higher education, and healthcare related industries. Patrick has a background in Organizational Psychology and Social Sciences and has a variety of experience in leadership and affecting organizational change. He loves helping people and has a knack for explaining things in a way that makes sense. Patrick is an avid board gamer and enjoys hiking with his family.

Sean Anderson

Customer Operations Specialist, Lucidpress

Sean is originally from Buffalo, New York and has lived in 8 different states with Utah soon to be the 9th. He has been on the Customer Success team for 2 months now as a Customer Operations Specialist. Sean graduated with degrees in Finance and Economics from the University of Denver. While working towards his degrees, Sean helped to manage a $3MM active investment fund which beat the return of the S&P500 each quarter he was a part of it.

In his free time he can be found skiing, golfing or watching the Buffalo Bills!