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Making a white paper but don't know where to start? With a professionally designed white paper template from Lucidpress, that won't be a problem anymore. Use it for inspiration and then start creating.

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You'll be surprised at what you can create in Lucidpress. Creating with a white paper template has never been this intuitive—or this fun! Try out our simple drag-and-drop interface and create a professional look that will capture readers’ attention, all in just a few minutes. Best of all, no download is necessary since all templates and tools are web-based.

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White paper templates

This free white paper template is simple and quick to use. All the details are here—from scrolling areas and a complete color scheme to pre-set columns and feature headers. You can follow the white paper template word for word or think of it just as a general outline and customize it to your own preferences. We give you the freedom to create the way you want.

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When you subscribe, you unlock triple the number of white paper templates. For both design professionals and small businesses, increasing your options means that you'll have fresh designs for each of your content projects. Give your writing and research the extra polish they deserve in order to reach out to current and prospective customers.


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Fonts are an important part of any brand and help separate you from the competition. As simple as it is, a custom font relays to your audience a specific message about who you are and what you stand for. With a Premium account, you can upload custom fonts so that you keep everything consistent. Custom fonts can also be a huge help when you're working on a content strategy that has a certain look.


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Designing white papers can end up taking up a lot of storage, which would normally force you to pick and choose what you keep. With a Premium account you'll always have plenty storage space. Premium accounts have 20 times the storage space of free accounts so you won't have to spend any time going back and deleting old files. Save what you need and create with confidence.

Longform White Paper Template

Research for white papers can often take a lot of time and a vast amount of resources. Don’t let it all go to waste with a poorly designed white paper. The longform white paper template is the perfect way to educate readers without getting too flashy. This template emphasizes the substance of the white paper with less of a focus on the style. Having said that, the design is still important, with vibrant colors helping to break up the text.

The longform white paper template also gives you spots where you can place pull quotes, helping you feature the most important points of your research. This template is a great choice for those who want to share important academic or scientific research while also focusing on the authors of the piece. When you want your work to be taken seriously by the experts in your field, the longform white paper template can’t be beat.

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Royal Blue White Paper Template

The royal blue white paper template offers a great deal of visual flair that really helps the company name and brand stand out. The template divides the content into different section and topic headers, making it easy to follow for readers. There’s also a unified color scheme throughout, which once again emphasizes your brand, solidifying the identity of the business.

The royal blue white paper template allows you to put some of your own stunning photos that will be sure to attract eyes. Side bars and pull quotes will help keep the audience interested as they read through the piece, and areas for proper citations ensures the reader will be informed on where you get all of your information. If your company has conducted important research about your industry that you want to share with the world, the royal blue white paper template is a sleek way to get your name out there and demonstrate that your business is a leader that can be trusted.

Hartford White Paper Template

The aesthetically pleasing Hartford white paper template is a great fit for an organization looking to tell the story of the company while also reporting on what they’ve been working on. Unlike some of the other white paper templates, this template is much more focused on establishing a narrative through text and visuals. In that sense, it’s easy for readers to follow along and understand the message being shared. The template, after all, even comes with a table of contents, allowing the audience to quickly turn to whichever section they want to explore.

Through the use of custom images and bold colors, the Hartford white paper template guides the reader through everything the company can offer while giving relevant facts and figures prominence. Don’t just talk about the people involved in the organization, show who they are and what they bring to the table. Use the Hartford white paper template as a great introduction to your company or an update on all the work you’ve been doing and plan to do in the future.

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Nebraska White Paper Template

The Nebraska white paper template is an excellent way to present your organization to others. Organized into easy to access sections, the template tells the history of your company, the ways it affects the world, and its latest finances. This template works both as an opportunity to show off the organization and report on its progress. All of this is done through bright colors and a clear flow that keeps the reader engaged every step of the way.

The sleek design of the Nebraska white paper template allows you to use your own photos to capture the very essence of your message. The template also provides plenty of space for you to share information, but the design is such that it never feels cluttered or overbearing. With a bit of creativity, you’re bound to find ways to take information found in a simple document and turn it into a wonderful example of content marketing.

Your White Paper Design Matters

If you’ve ever struggled with finding an intriguing way to present important information, the white paper templates from Lucidpress are the perfect solution. It’s not enough to simply give people the story and information; you have to present it in a way that’s attractive, engaging and helpful. Our white paper templates are just the thing to accomplish this goal.

Best of all, our drag-and-drop tool is so easy to use that anyone can do it, even people who believe their artistic skills are not up to par. A variety of templates are already available for you to use, with even more ready for you if you sign up for a Premium Account. With the latest styles and designs, we give you all the resources you’ll need to create a visually compelling white paper that will keep your audience reading.