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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for my free trial?

No. A credit card is not required for a free or trial account - so you can sign up with no commitment. Credit card information is only requested when you are ready to begin a paid subscription.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You will have the option to subscribe to a paid subscription or be automatically moved to the Free plan and its limitations.

What happens to my documents if I do not subscribe after my trial?

You will always have access to your documents whether or not you choose a paid subscription. Due to the limitations of the Free plan, however, you will not be able to edit documents if your account storage usage has exceeded its limit.

Can I collaborate with others using a personal account?

Yes. Every account level allows you to collaborate and share with others. However, every collaborator is subject to the limitations of their own account. For example, users on free accounts will not be able to edit documents if their own account storage usage has exceeded its storage limit, even if the document is created by a user on a Professional account. Team accounts allow team members to collaborate with the full set of premium features.

Do you offer special nonprofit and educational pricing?

Yes. We offer 50% discounts on annual team accounts for nonprofits, and free accounts for students and teachers. Email for non-profit inquiries. Visit our education page for educational inquiries.

What is the difference between print quality and screen quality?

The 'Print quality' setting outputs PDFs of 300 DPI (dots per inch), while the 'Screen quality' setting outputs PDFs of 100 DPI.

Are digitally published documents on free accounts displayed at 300 DPI or 100 DPI?

Digitally published documents are displayed at the maximum resolution possible on a viewer's computer, tablet, or smartphone. On newer devices, the document will be displayed at over 300 PPI (pixels per inch). If you don't intend to print, digital publishing is an easy way to get a high quality document into your audiences' hands for free.

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