Free Brochure Maker Online

Lucidpress makes it easy to create professional-quality brochures inside your web browser. Try professional templates complete with real-time collaboration.

Work in teams

Need to solicit feedback from a client or get input from a colleague? Lucidpress allows you to make changes in a single document at the same time as other users. When you’re in the editor, you can see exactly what each contributor brings to the table.

Intuitive interactivity

You need to interact with your document in different ways depending on the context. When you switch between Lucidpress’s different modes—Layout, Interactivity, Comment and Preview—you can accomplish tasks like leaving a comment for collaborators or previewing a document.

Customizable layout

It's easy to create a great-looking document with our application. Position elements exactly where you want them, edit images inside the editor, and set custom canvas dimensions.

Lucidpress will change how you think about brochures

Think brochures are boring and two-dimensional? Lucidpress lets you make cool digital displays, perfect for viewing on a computer or iPad. Insert high-quality images and adjust each section of your brochure for an impressive finished product.

Making a brochure online should be easy and intuitive

If you're making a brochure, chances are you're trying to persuade your audience to take action—to run a 5K, to donate to charity, or to support a local political candidate. You want to manage your time and resources for maximum impact. Lucidpress takes care of beautiful design and lets you focus on connecting with others. Try the Lucidpress brochure templates to see for yourself.