Make a Free Poster Online

You can create a high-quality, professional-looking poster without overpaying for design software. Lucidpress can help you create attention-grabbing posters that are sure to impress.

Poster templates

If you’re looking for a simple way to lay out posters, try Lucidpress. Its drag-and-drop editor is responsive and intuitive. When you start from a template, you can spend less time on design and more time on getting your message out.

Online collaboration

Share your work with colleagues or friends then edit and comment directly on the canvas. Rather than sending drafts back and forth, all edits are stored in the poster itself.

Free and paid options

Are you paying for expensive design software which slows down your system? Lucidpress is free and it’s flexible enough for any design and layout project. Because it's online, Lucidpress is accessible from any device.

Use Lucidpress as a free poster maker

Posters are ideal for school and work presentations, as well as marketing promotions. Whether you want to create large, complex posters or put together a basic project, Lucidpress can help you capture attention and get the word out.

Lucidpress has cross-platform flexibility

Instead of using a platform-specific tool, try Lucidpress. Since it's browser-based, you can work on PC, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Templates make it easy to create and display beautiful posters, no matter what device you choose.