Quick and easy

Lucidpress is more powerful than a word processor, but free from the high price tags and difficulty of desktop software. You get the best of both worlds. Trade in your frustration for a sleek, intuitive user experience. Lucidpress changes the design experience for the better.

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Grow your brand

Eliminate the risk of team members accidentally stretching, moving, discoloring (you get the point) your brand assets by locking down fonts, images, logos, position, and more.

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Online collaboration

Our free, page layout software is perfect for group projects. You can receive instant feedback and advice from team members right in the editor. To reduce the stress of group work, chat in real-time while you make changes. Share centralized and custom-made templates and assets across your team.

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Share anywhere

You can share your document with anyone you please using Lucidpress’s seamless sharing features. Share on social media channels or export your creation as a high-quality image. Even embed it on a personal webpage so it's available for anyone you choose.

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Feature highlights

You don’t have to be a brilliant designer to craft beautiful content. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of five, our brand templating platform makes it easy to create content and build your brand in the new design democracy.

Brand assets and clarity

Store and download custom brand assets (like logos, colors and fonts) into our asset hub for fast access.

Web-based platform

Our web-based platform means that anyone can access Lucidpress across all browsers or devices.

Data automation

With smart fields or our advanced data automation feature, you can auto-populate information in your templates, cutting down on repetitive content updates.

Easy import

Lucidpress gives you direct access to the best tools on the web. Full integration with Facebook, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more is as simple as the click of a mouse. Use our Indesign Import feature to import existing InDesign files and convert them to Lucidpress templates.

Free page layout software

Page layout software is known for being pricey. We're breaking the mold with a product that's 100% free. Sign up today!

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